Polish doctor helps save the life of Hungarian skier on Slovak slopes

By Dénes Albert
1 Min Read

A Hungarian skier was severely injured on a slope in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia just north of Hungary, but as luck would have it, a Polish doctor who was skiing nearby helped save his life.

The 23-year-old Hungarian skier tried to avoid colliding with another skier but suffered a serious accident in the process. During the fall, the injured skier suffered a deep wound, probably caused by the edge of a ski. He lost a lot of blood, but a Polish doctor who was skiing nearby rushed to put a pressure bandage on his leg to stem the bleeding.

It is reported that the man’s femoral artery was also cut and he could have bled to death if he had not received immediate care.

Mountain rescue worker Peter Húska found the injured man lying on the ground at the scene with the Polish doctor, daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports.

The rescuers took the victim down to the point where the rescue helicopter could land. He was finally transported to the hospital in Liptovské Mikuláš, where his condition is stable.

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