Slovak foreign minister claims Hungarians are ‘Putin’s allies’ in renewed attack

Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Kácer (left) continues his attacks against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (right).
By Dénes Albert
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Reacting to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s State of the Nation address delivered on Saturday, Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Kácer used vulgar language to claim Orbán was Vladimir Putin’s ally

Kácer, on his way to London on an official visit, posted that “Putin’s allies in the Carpathian Basin” can only say “Idi na huy,” which is Russian for “f*k off” or “bite me.” The two phrases were reportedly used by Ukrainian soldiers guarding the Black Sea’s Snake Island at the beginning of the war when a Russian warship asked them to surrender. Initial news reports claimed that all the soldiers died defending the island before it was revealed they had all surrendered to Russia, raising questions about whether the original phrases were ever even used by the Ukrainians.

In his response, Zsolt Németh, head of the Hungarian Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, expressed doubts about Kácer’s mental health.

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“I know Mr. Kácer well, as he was ambassador in Budapest and I met him several times. I must say I am extremely concerned about his mental health. And I advise him to see a psychiatrist as a matter of urgency,” said Németh.

Responding to a question by Hungarian news portal Mandiner, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Tamás Menczer shared Németh’s opinion.

“Rastislav Kácer is a provocateur, and he should be treated accordingly. Zsolt Németh, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, recently made a statement about Rastislav Kácer, and we fully agree with his opinion. We will not stand for provocation,” the politician said.

As Remix News reported at the time, two weeks ago, Kácer said in a television program that “if Vladimir Putin had been successful in Ukraine, Hungary would have already had territorial claims against Slovakia.”

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