The EU supports the ‘homogenization’ of Europe’s peoples, says Hungarian justice minister

Justice minister Jud Varga speaks at CPAC conference in Budapest. (Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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The current treaties at the foundation of the European Union go against the principles of national sovereignty, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest.

“We will therefore say it out loud that the current contractual framework (of the European Union) does not ensure the sovereignty of nation states,” Varga said at the conference. “We see how they work in practice. They do, on the other hand, support the dismantling of borders and, for example, the homogenization of European peoples.”

Varga added that instead of an even more tight-knit federal-type of EU, Hungary is instead for the cooperation of strong independent states.

“We do not support chasing an increasingly tight union, but rather raise our voice for one based on mutual respect,” she added. “Part of the Western world is no longer accustomed to this frank, and open way of speaking, but instead of scaring us, this only increases our determination.”

She said Hungary will continue to strive towards a EU based on the ideals which drove Hungary 1,000 years ago to become part of Western Europe.

“We will to seek (to accomplish) our dreams, the dream that we had one thousands years ago about the future of Europe and that of Hungary,” she said. “So I promise that I will be there and (…) I can promise to always unmask them, whenever we sense any treachery or when the rights of nations are being curtailed.”

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