The European Parliament only wants to blackmail Hungary, warns Fidesz MEP

The European left is serving the interests of the Hungarian opposition, Hungarian MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said in the European Parliament on Wednesday

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet
MEP Balázs Hidvéghi speaks against the Eurpoean Parliament's report on Hungary. (MTI/Dávid Vadóczi)

The European Parliament does not want to come to an agreement with Hungary, but to simply blackmail it because it cannot accept that the Hungarian people rejected both the Hungarian left and Brussels for the fourth time in the spring by re-electing a conservative government, MEP Balázs Hidvéghi (Fidesz) said in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

During the debate of the plenary session of the European Parliament (EP), Hidvéghi dismissed allegations from Eurocrats that Hungary had seriously breached the values upon which the European Union is founded. He called it shameful and unforgivable that a significant part of the European Parliament, together with the Hungarian left-wing MEPs, continue to attack his country with lies even in a war crisis situation, and persist with their political smear campaign against the Hungarian government.

Hidvéghi said that at the behest of the Hungarian left, the European Parliament is preparing to adopt another report condemning Hungary. It also includes the proposal that Hungary should not be paid the EU funds due to it. While the people of Europe are suffering from an energy crisis due to the failed Brussels sanctions, the most important thing for the left-wing majority in the European Parliament, even in this crisis situation, is to continue the political witch hunt against nations with the audacity to elect a conservative government.

It is clear from the experience of the past years: If the goal is to reach an agreement on professional or political issues, it has always been possible and still possible to negotiate with Hungary. This, however, is not the wish of the European Parliament, Hidvéghi said. New and additional false reports are compiled, fake fact-finding delegations are sent to Hungary, and sanctions are used as a threat, he said.

“Don’t they think that they have more important things to do than to attack Hungary with lies for the hundredth time?” Hidvéghi asked. “Unpaid electricity bills, gas bills, failing businesses, threatening unemployment and insecurity. An appropriate European response should be given to these, not a political witch hunt against Hungary,” he said.

“We will stand up for our national interests even if they don’t like it. We will continue to protect our children, our borders, and we will decide our own future. We reject hatred against Hungarians and we reject Brussels’ tutelage. Hands off Hungary!” Hidvéghi added.

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