Why does the EU parliament want to prevent Hungary’s EU Council presidency?

The European Parliament during the debate on Hungary. (Judit Varga, Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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For years, I browsed with interest through the WikiLeaks cables released by Julian Assange, and more specifically, the confidential reports from the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. I did not do this because I expected to see anything new per se, but it was still exciting to decipher what exactly the U.S. saw wrong with us Hungarians, what the U.S. ambassador was criticizing the Hungarian national government for and why.

What I expected has been confirmed line by line. Behind the many small pieces of information, the target system became clear. Then, as now, American diplomacy expects the “right thinking” from its Hungarian partners. The elements of this are boiled down to a few basic dogmas of the liberal world order, but if any responsible governmental actor anywhere in the world dares to criticize them, Washington no longer regards them as friends and allies.

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Let’s talk about some of the issues that have served as milestones in the WikiLeaks cables in the domestic construction of the liberal world state. They are, in order: the ‘right’ relationship with Russia, i.e., the fulfillment of Western interests in our bilateral relations; the propaganda of homosexuality and other sexual abnormalities; and the acceptance of immigration. These three issues are still the primary requirements for any European state, whether EU or NATO member. Anyone who understands, accepts and complies with them is an ally of Washington. Anyone who does not, after a few years of probation, becomes an enemy.

The fact that we Hungarians are still guilty of always voting down all three prerequisites of being a U.S. ally by a convincing majority of two-thirds is well-established. Anyone who really believes that the Democratic administration has anything of substance to say in Hungary other than the fulfillment of the above three objectives is sorely mistaken.

The pressure from Washington has now reached the point where a convincing majority in Brussels wants to take the EU Council presidency away from Hungarians. The fact that they have no right to do so, that the procedure is stirring up unnecessary passions and collectively stigmatizing our country, is irrelevant. However, the fight against Moscow, LGBT rights protection, and the promotion of immigration now mean almost everything to these people. How the people of Hungary live, what the Hungarians are concerned about, what real experiences we have already had of war, and what the fate of our children and families will be, are all irrelevant to the EU and the liberal West.

That is why we must measure the Brussels decision on its own merits. The left and the right there are now united in serving liberal world hegemony. At the same time, the case is also morally instructive. It proves once again that we can only rely on ourselves and on each other, and that what comes to our lands from the West is often a blatant manipulation, an open colonialist agenda, a call for voluntary submission. All we can say to this is that they should find another playground for themselves.

Whatever happens, we must be aware that if the Hungarian national majority were to fall through the cracks of time, the conquerors would have achieved their goals. Yet millions and millions of Hungarians at home and across the border think that such a situation would be a national disaster.

That is why we should focus on our own affairs and disregard how Brussels and Washington vilify Hungarians. After all, they have wiped peoples off the world map for a mere bit of profit, and it is time we understood that our fate is completely irrelevant to them.

That is pretty much the only lesson that came out of yesterday’s vote in Brussels.

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