Hamas terrorists were promised $10,000 and an apartment for every Israeli taken hostage

Footage of the interrogations by the Israel Defense Forces of captured Hamas terrorists confirmed the atrocities committed in Israel on Oct. 7 from the mouths of those responsible

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Thomas Brooke

Footage released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) concerning the interrogations of captured Hamas terrorists revealed the Islamist gunmen were promised $10,000 and an apartment for every Israeli they took hostage during the terror attack on Oct. 7.

Speaking to Israeli authorities, the captured Hamas terrorists revealed how they had received orders from the organization’s leaders to “cleanse” kibbutzim (Israeli communities) by murdering Jews and taking hostages back to Gaza.

“We had orders to clean the houses, to kill and kidnap as many as possible,” one detained gunman told the IDF.

“Whoever brings the kidnapped gets a stipend,” he revealed, and when pressed for the amount of the reward for Israeli hostages, he replied: “An apartment and $10,000.”

The published footage shows the testimony of several captured terrorists who recount the atrocities committed on Israeli soil earlier this month, which left over 1,300 Israeli civilians slaughtered in their homes.

They revealed the horrors that unfolded and the orders they were given by Hamas leaders, describing in detail the attacks on men, women, and children.

While some claim their orders were to kidnap civilians, others were more forthright in their responses, admitting to the rape and beheading of innocents and the killing of children.

“We arrived at the kibbutzim with jeeps. We opened the houses and rooms. And we started raiding room by room, one after another,” one told the authorities.

“But what did you do in those rooms?” he was asked.

“We threw grenades and opened fire…”

“What was the objective?”

“Kill,” he replied.

Another gunman admitted his orders were to “infiltrate” and to “conquer” the Israeli communities. When pressed on what this meant, he told authorities his orders were not to kidnap but to “empty the houses” and “kill.”

One terrorist recounted how he came across an unarmed male civilian whom he shot “two or three times” in the chest and killed the dog of another female who had been shot dead by another attacker.

“I shot an old woman, and we set fire to the houses,” said another captured Hamas fighter. When asked who else he was with who had murdered civilians, he named another fighter who killed a man in his 40s. When asked what this victim had been doing when he was killed, he replied: “He was watering the plants.”

The testimonies are consistent with the descriptions of journalists who saw raw footage of the attacks at a screening hosted by the IDF in Tel Aviv on Monday.

David Patrikarakos, the foreign correspondent for the UnHerd news outlet, reported how he had seen images of “burned babies — so small you could cradle them in the crook of your arm” who were wrapped in blankets typically given to newborns.

Other footage reported by journalists showed one Hamas terrorist boasting to his parents about how he had killed 10 Jews, informing them of this news on a mobile phone stolen from a mother he had murdered minutes before.

Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy revealed that the screening had been approved by the Israeli government, as it was necessary to prove the extent of the massacre, which he claimed was being disputed by some within mainstream media.

“We are witnessing a Holocaust-like phenomenon unfolding in real-time as people are casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities that Hamas committed against our people,” he told journalists on Sunday.

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