Hungary calls for closer ties with new Israeli government, ready to consider moving embassy to Jerusalem

By Dénes Albert
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Hungary would consider moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem should Israel make such a request, Balázs Orbán, advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, told the Israel Hayom newspaper in a recent interview.

“Above all, we believe that Hungary and Israel are strategic partners and friends. We very much hope that Israel will follow a good course and wish it every success. If there is anything we can do for Israel, let us know,” Balázs Orbán said. “I think Israel needs its own course, just as we need ours,” he added.

The Hungarian leader’s advisor spoke about how “national-religious ideology” is close to his heart.

“It’s an ideological movement in the Western world, formulated by an Israeli-American, Yoram Hazony, who says that conservatism in modern times can only be linked to positive nationalism,” Orbán told the newspaper.

“In other words, it must focus on the interests of its country, and by demonstrating self-respect it can achieve a highly stable international status. Hungary and Israel have their own way, and we hope that the strategic partnership between us can flourish. I hope that there will be areas where we can deepen our cooperation on the economy, military, innovation, industry, and the promotion of common foreign policy goals.”

After Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister once again, Israel is described as having its most right-wing government ever. Orbán praised that “Israel now has a conservative-right government, like Hungary” and said his country is ready to share with Israel “the best practices for which we have received praise.”

“We have experience in supporting traditional families and traditional institutions, in protecting national interests through constitutional institutions. If the Israeli government has knowledge in these areas that could contribute to our success, we welcome it,” he added.

Asked whether Hungary will become the first EU country to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Orbán replied: “If we receive a request from Israel, we will consider it.”

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