‘Hell on Earth’ – Geert Wilders says Dutch people are being replaced in major cities due to mass immigration

Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders, left, and Belgian anti-immigrant politician Filip Dewinter (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)
By Dénes Albert
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The winner of last year’s Dutch parliamentary elections, the right-wing Geert Wilders, voiced his strong opposition to mass immigration in a new speech, saying that the Dutch are becoming minorities in many of the Netherlands’ major cities.

“The Dutch population is being replaced by immigrants, often Muslims. In our three big cities, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, more than 50% of newborns are children of immigrants. The Dutch will soon be a minority. Holland will become a backward Islamic country, hell on Earth,” said Wilders in a new speech.

Wilders, who could become the country’s next prime minister, promises to stop mass illegal immigration in the Netherlands if he succeeds in forming a government, but he will also vote against migration in all decisions in the European Council.

Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), who won last year’s parliamentary elections, is still trying to form a government amid coalition talks. But the process could take some time, as Wilders’ views were considered too radical years ago. However, today, the right-wing politician has largely been vindicated, especially regarding the political and social consequences of migration.

“We are looking for a right-wing cabinet. Once again, the Dutch will be in first place. Significant tax cuts for citizens, far fewer migrants. I hope it works, so there will be no need for new elections,” Wilders wrote on his social media page.

Wilders has long been warning about the Great Replacement, which describes the shrinking population of Europeans in relation to newcomers from other parts of the world, including Africa and Asia.

Another video is also spreading like wildfire on the internet of an earlier interview where he talked about the Dutch waking up. He said that people who reject migration are often accused of being racist, when it is Europeans who are at a disadvantage compared to migrants.

“Are they calling us racists? In the Netherlands and other European countries, people born here are discriminated against because they give houses to migrants just because. Who is racist? We are very angry,” Geert Wilders said in the interview.

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