Shock poll: 60% of Green voters agree mass immigration is driving housing crisis in German state of Baden-Württemberg

Overall, nearly 70 percent of voters in the German state say that the left-wing federal government is stoking the housing crisis with its lax immigration policies

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

In a sign that Germany’s open-door immigration policy is increasingly being rejected by more and more voters, polling data from one of Germany’s largest states, Baden-Württemberg, shows that 68 percent of voters there believe the federal government’s migration policy is exacerbating the housing shortage.

The poll, from INSA and commissioned by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg, showed 68 percent believe the government’s policy is harming the housing market, while only 19 percent of people were convinced otherwise. Although INSA performed the polling for the AfD, it is considered one of the most respected polling firms in the country and performs polling directly for a variety of parties.

The poll has some surprising results, with 60 percent of Green voters saying they fear the influx of migrants will worsen the housing market. However, far higher numbers were recorded for other parties, including 72 percent of Social Democrats (SPD) voters, 74 percent of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) voters, and 82 percent of AfD voters.

Green voters, in particular, are friendly to the idea of mass immigration. However, at the same time, they desire less development in the countryside and the protection of forests and natural habitats. The fact that these same voters are tying the housing crisis to immigration shows that a majority may also see that mass immigration brings serious risks to the German state. And yet, many of the party’s politicians are the most aggressive about Germany’s open borders push.

The AfD, on the other hand, is trying to highlight the role migration plays in housing affordability and availability.

“Due to more and more refugees, we are experiencing gigantic pressure on the housing market. The survey proves that the population also recognizes this to an increasing degree,” said MP Miguel Klauss (AfD).

Klauss added that “Stopping the migrant influx and stepping up deportations are the order of the day. These two issues must be addressed without political correctness.”

As Remix News has previously reported, Germany is facing a housing shortage and the connection between mass immigration and the housing crisis is becoming more and more prominent, with rent prices and housing prices increasing in direct correlation with more migrants. At the same time, even seniors are being expelled from their nursing homes to make room for asylum seekers, a development that has sparked widespread public outrage.

Germany, an already densely populated country, reached a record-high population in 2022 due to mass immigration. The current government is looking to naturalize migrants into German citizens faster, relax standards for citizenship, and bring in more foreign workers. The government is set to spend a staggering €36 billion on migrants in 2023 alone as asylum applications explode higher.

Bild newspaper also points out that In the city of Stuttgart, which is the capital city in Baden-Württemberg, the current citizen survey indicates that the lack of affordable housing is the most pressing problem citizens say they are facing.

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