UK: Woke teachers banned from promoting BLM and left-wing political bias in education crackdown

By Thomas Brooke
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Teachers in the United Kingdom have been banned from promoting the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement in classrooms, and have been warned not to push left-wing political bias about the British Empire and historical figures onto children without providing full historical context.

In guidance issued by the Department for Education on Thursday, teachers were informed they must teach any “contentious and disputed” historic period, for example the realities of the British Empire and colonialism, in a “balanced” manner amid fears that many British teachers had become too partisan when discussing sensitive issues such as race, imperialism and the police.

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Under the new guidance handed down, teachers will not be permitted to teach children one-sided accounts of historical British figures with “contested legacies,” such as Winston Churchill who has often been vilified and branded as ‘racist’ across classrooms in England in recent times without providing context to the time in which he lived and the achievements he is “most renowned for.”

Nadhim Zahawi, Britain’s secretary of state for education, has made it a priority to remove political bias in the classroom. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

When teaching about racism, teachers should “avoid advocating for specific organizations that have widely contested aims or views,” the guidance states in a nod to the controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

The detailed guidance supports the Education Act 1996 which introduced a legal duty on teachers to uphold impartiality in the classroom.

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Schools have also been instructed to vet external speakers to ensure their messaging is appropriate and informative rather than overtly political. Educational faculties have also been told not to use their social media accounts to promote politically-biased views.

Nadhim Zahawi, the education secretary, said: “Clearer guidance on political impartiality is just one part of my wider work to give children the best possible education as the Government continues to prioritize skills, schools and families, to enable young people to reach the full height of their potential.”

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