Ukraine forces conscription upon its Hungarian minority

Ukraine’s official national media hides the ugly truth about forced conscription in Ukraine, Magyar Nemzet columnist György Pilhál writes

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: György Pilhál
A Ukrainian soldier rests before going to the front line in the Donetsk region, Ukraine, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. (AP Photo/Andriy Dubchak)

Kyiv is not changing its minority policy one iota, with Hungarians and other nationalities living in Ukraine being forcibly conscripted en masse to the front. Hungarians have also recently suffered several atrocities. Hungarian flags have been taken down, teachers have been dismissed from their jobs just because they are Hungarian, the Turul statue in the market square of Munkács Castle was knocked down… We could go on.

In the meantime, convoys are arriving home carrying the fallen at the front. This is not something we are allowed to talk about, and the authorities are not even giving details to the relatives of the victims. Many do not even know when their relative’s coffin will arrive. According to locals, hundreds of soldiers’ bodies are kept in a specially designed refrigerated wagon a few hundred meters from the Hungarian border. The unfortunate ones have been dead for weeks or more, but have still not been buried.

It is also hopeless trying to get a handle on the war news; the only thing that is certain is that both sides are lying big time. The figures reported on the dead, wounded, and munitions fired are not even worth remembering — not half of them are true. In the case of photo reports, videos, and film footage, there is perhaps less scope for falsification, and these can give some indication of the state of the fighting.

However, secretly recorded footage of forced displacement in the country cannot be manipulated, and there are stunning accounts of brutal actions by the Ukrainian authorities, and they are all true.

In the footage shown on M1 News, a man is seen in the open street, armed, and resisting; he is taken down by kicking both his legs and carried away. An elderly man is pushed against a wall in front of passers-by in the market and then shoved into a police car. In Transcarpathia, footage of such scenes is regularly taken. Only in secret, of course, because Kyiv has full control of the media, and only the central news is allowed to go out, and that news is that Ukraine is on the verge of victory.

Kyiv wants to recruit thousands more to make up for its losses. It’s like Hitler’s final hours: They take everyone from child soldiers to pensioners. They’ll be good as cannon fodder. There is forced conscription, a manhunt in Transcarpathia. This is the last act.

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