Ukraine receives 6 Stormer air defense systems from the UK

Stormer HVM SAM of the Ukrainian military. July 2022. Ukraine. (GirkinGirkin)
By Dénes Albert
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Ukraine‘s armed forces have received six Stormer HVM anti-aircraft missile launchers from the United Kingdom as Western allies continue to provide the country with arms and artillery as it attempts to stare down Russian aggression.

The systems are capable of detecting aircraft and helicopters at a distance of 18 kilometers, and the missile is launched less than five seconds after targeting formation is received.

The first pictures of the anti-aircraft missile systems have appeared on social media.

The launchers are equipped with Starstreak high-speed missiles and light multi-role missiles for short-range air defense.

Starstreak MANPADS missile

The Stormer can be modified for different roles on the battlefield; it is marketed by BAE as being available in several configurations, for instance, as a two-person turret armed with a 25 mm cannon, an air-defense vehicle equipped with guns or missiles, an engineering vehicle, a recovery vehicle, an ambulance, a carrier of 81 mm or 120 mm mortars, or a command and control or logistics vehicle.

Optional equipment includes a nuclear-biological-chemical protection system, an amphibious kit, passive night vision equipment, and an air conditioning system.

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