Britain trained 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers for urban warfare, Denmark set to follow suit

Western nations continue to offer their military expertise to the Ukrainian army

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author: Ziare
Ukrainian soldiers receive training in the U.K. (YouTube)

Almost 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers have already been trained in the U.K. under the Interflex program, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revealed on Wednesday.

Kyiv soldiers received basic knowledge and skills in tactical medicine, engineering, marksmanship, and psychological and tactical training, including the conduct of offensive and defensive actions in an urban area.

The courses were held with the participation of instructors from Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Great Britain.

“Operation Interflex is one of the vivid examples of international support for Ukraine and convincing proof that the country is not alone in the fight against Russian aggression,” the Ukrainian General Staff said.

In the near future, the expansion of the Interflex operation is planned, in particular, the launch of a course for the training of lower-ranking commanders of the Ukrainian army.

Denmark will also train Ukrainian soldiers on its territory, the Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov announced on Tuesday, following the example of the United Kingdom, which committed in June to train 10,000 soldiers on more British bases for a period of four months to support Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion.

“There will be training in Denmark,” Bodskov told the Danish agency Ritzau. “I cannot give more details, but there will be training of the Ukrainian army in Denmark,” he added.

So far, Copenhagen has sent instructors to Britain, which has taken the lead in training fighters on its territory for the Ukrainian army. London pledged in June to train 10,000 Ukrainian troops at several British bases over four months.

Like other Western countries, Denmark pledged in August to send trainers, 130 officers, to Britain to support its initiative, but the organization of training on Danish soil marks an increase in the involvement of the Scandinavian country, a member of the European Union and NATO. After a referendum held in early June following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Copenhagen joined the EU’s common defense policy after almost three decades.

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