PM Orbán warns of a Third World War in viral Tucker Carlson interview, says US could ‘end the war in one day’

Viktor Orbán interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
By Dénes Albert
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The American public is being misled into thinking that Ukraine can win the war against Russia and warned that a power vacuum in Russia would be the worst possible scenario for Europe and the world, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview on X that has over 30 million views.

Speaking to former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in one of his rare one-on-one interviews, Orbán said that the American public has swallowed the lie that a Ukrainian victory is imminent.

“This is a lie. It’s not just a misunderstanding, it’s a lie, and it’s impossible. Anyone who is involved in politics and understands the logic, the figures, the data, knows that it is impossible,” Orbán said, adding that he had deep sympathy for Ukraine.

Orbán also warned of a third world war, stating that “this is a very dangerous moment now” and that a “third world war is knocking on our door.”

Asked why it was impossible for Ukraine to win, the Hungarian prime minister said that Ukrainian troops would run out before the Russians and that the number of soldiers on the battlefield would ultimately be what mattered.

“The Russians are much stronger in this, they are much, much more numerous than the Ukrainians,” he pointed out. That is why the current strategy being pursued by the West is, according to the prime minister, a “badly put together strategy” that will not defeat Russia.

“In the case of Russia,” the prime minister said, “there is something far more important than the freedom that the West puts first: the question of keeping the country together.”

He also drew attention to the problem of Russia’s weak leadership, which already caused the West serious headaches at the end of Boris Yeltsin’s reign, when it feared anarchy in a country with a nuclear arsenal.

“We have forgotten how dangerous a Russia without strong leadership or under interregnum is. Interregnum is the worst option,” Orbán said. In response to Carlson’s suggestion that this seems to be the U.S. State Department’s goal, he replied: “If that is the goal, it is a mistake.”

Orbán underlined that this situation is extremely dangerous and that the effects will be felt later in Washington because of the long distance, but within 24 hours in Budapest, as Hungary is a neighbor of Ukraine, which is what determines the Hungarian approach.

Orbán praised former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and vision, saying that if the United States wanted peace, it could be achieved by “next morning,” because Ukraine could not survive without Western help.

“The solution is in the hands of your president,” Orbán said.

“He (Donald Trump) had the best foreign policy in decades. He did not initiate another war. He dealt well with North Korea and Russia, even China, and pursued a policy that was the best for the Middle East,” Orbán said, adding that if Trump had been president at the moment the Russian invasion started, the Russians would not have been able to do it.

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