US State Department considers Hungary among the few safe destinations in Europe

Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and much of the Middle East are no-go zones for ordinary Americans

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author: Mandiner
U.S. Department of State map of European destinations

Hungary is one of just a dozen European countries which the U.S. Department of State considers entirely safe for U.S. citizens for travel purposes, Hungarian news portal Mandiner reports.

The U.S. Department of State, like most of the world’s foreign ministries, provides regularly-updated country lists and maps showing what it recommends to its own citizens before their planned trips abroad.

The State Department sets up different categories, including a small group of completely safe countries to which Americans can travel without any special precaution. There are also countries where caution is advised to travelers; countries where the department suggests travelers rethink their journeys; and countries to which no one is advised to travel.

According to a recent map and list of countries, Europe is developing very interestingly in the shadow of conflict in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic. From the viewpoint of the U.S. government, few European countries are deemed safe enough for Americans to travel to without worry, and these include Hungary, as well as Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Greece from across the central and eastern regions of the continent.

In addition, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland and northern European countries are in this category.

In contrast, much of Western Europe already has increased caution as recommended by Washington.

Interestingly, there are hardly any countries around the world that Washington says U.S. citizens can travel to without a hitch: Canada, Australia, Argentina, and just Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan are on this shortlist.

Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and much of the Middle East are no-go zones for ordinary Americans.

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