100 tons of Polish gold returns home

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The National Bank of Poland (NBP) has announced the successful completion of its project to import 100 tons of gold to Poland from the United Kingdom.

Thousands of people were involved in the project, mostly from the banking and security services. The bars of gold, valued at €4.1 billion, were transported to Poland via airplanes which landed in Warszawa and Poznań.

After the gold landed in Poland, blue trucks escorted by dozens of commandos distributed the gold to vaults around the country.

The gold in question is the same which Second Polish Republic politicians Adam Koc and Ignacy Matuszewski managed to escort outside of Poland in September 1939. Their operation was designed to save the gold from invading Germans, which they transported through Romania, Turkey, Syria, and then to France and England where it remained until now.

The head of the NBP, Adam Glapiński, stated that the central bank in England has kept a part of the gold to “carry out current settlements”.

Journalist Paweł Czurylo posted a video in which Glapiński holds a bar of Polish gold in front of one of the vaults, saying, “The head of the NBP Adam Glapiński with Polish gold – 100 tons returned to Poland.”

In July, the NBP said that between 2018 and 2019, the bank’s gold reserves had increased by 125.7 tons, up to 228.6 tons.

Close to half of the total amount of Polish gold will be transported back to the country and held in NBP vaults.

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