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German national football team wears women’s jerseys and kneels for BLM

At Germany's match with England on Tuesday, the German team not only…


As many European nations relax Covid-19 measures, Czechia and Germany hold fire

Due to the omicron variant, the number of new cases of Covid-19…

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EU’s border control agency will contribute airplane to patrol English Channel

The European Union's border control agency, Frontex, will contribute an airplane to…

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FIFA fines Hungary for fans’ ‘racist behavior’ at England match

FIFA, the international governing body of football, is punishing Hungary for the…

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England steamrolls Hungary 4-0 in World Cup qualifier

The Hungarian national football team lost 4-0 on Thursday at Puskás Arena…

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Croatia’s football team refuses to kneel for BLM during Euro 2020, backs Hungary’s position

The attacker said Macron is the "symbol of France's decline"

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Hungary shares a small part of Chelsea’s second Champions League win

The vaccination engine should not stop

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Polish football players refuse to kneel for BLM at World Cup qualifier in London

Speculation about a new European right-wing party based on the existing European…

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100 tons of Polish gold returns home

Thirty years after the Autumn of Nations of 1989.

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Brits take their cue from Poland and open a new coal mine

A dictatorship of climate and open borders.

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