Brits take their cue from Poland and open a new coal mine

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The British, like the Germans, are not going to allow themselves to be swayed by environmentalists.

For the first time in 30 years, a new coal mine will be opened in England. The government will not object to a decision taken by the local authority in Cumbria.

The British decision follows on the heels of Germany opening a new coal-fired power plant in the Ruhr despite setting the broader goal of shutting all its coal power plants by 2038, a goal many critics say is unlikely to occur without massive amounts of debt and job losses.

The British government’s decision to back the coal mine in the northwest of England, coupled with the case of a new coal-powered power plant in Germany, may be a sign that environmentalists are not winning their battle against coal.

Both Great Britain and Germany pride themselves as nations working towards zero emissions. The new support for coal suggests that economic considerations coupled with a demand for affordable energy may come before ideological sentiments.

The new mine in England will be set up near Whitehaven and the coal mined will be used in steel mills and the chemical industry. It is envisaged that mining will continue for 50 years and that 500 new jobs will be created in the area.