4 police officers injured in violent brawl at migrant detention center

By Thomas Brooke
1 Min Read

Four police officers have been injured during a violent altercation that took place on Saturday at a migrant administrative center in the French city of Marseille.

The incident spiraled following an argument that broke out between detainees during lunchtime in the cafeteria, according to French broadcaster BFM.

Police officers on duty at the premises rushed in to restore order, resulting in injuries being sustained by four officers as five participants were apprehended and separated.

Injuries to the police officers included neck pain and bruising, while several officers are reported to have been spat on in the face. Two officers were taken to the hospital and received five days of ITT — a doctor’s recommendation to stay off work due to injury.

BFM reported an investigation into the incident has been opened by both the facility and authorities to identify the perpetrators of the violence.

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