Babiš: There’s no crisis at all, the government works great

In an interview for TV station Barrandov, Prime Minister Andrej Babis refused to call the current situation as a government crisis. “It is the crisis of parliament and deputies who are bored. They do not have an own agenda, so they only deal with the Anti-Babis case,” Babis said.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Although the media is writing about it, the current crisis-situation is fictitious, Babis said. Stressing that the truth is on his side, Babis also said that he is now fighting against lies, misinformation and information without context. According to him, journalists who contacted his son behave like the mafia and their only goal is to put the prime minister in jail.

“People are sending me thousands of positive messages. Even those who do not like me say that this has simply crossed the line,” the PM said.

In the second part of the interview, Babis repeated that he was surprised that Social Democrats are not about to take part in a no-confidence vote in his cabinet. According to him, Jan Hamacek, head of the CSSD, saved the party with his decision to be part of the government. The prime minister also assured everybody of the good relations in the coalition. There is no problem in the government and the co-operation should continue.

“Democratic elections have taken place with clear results and I do not understand why I should resign. I do not see any reason for new elections,” Babis said, refusing the idea of early elections at the end of the interview.


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