Hungarian national consultations – family edition

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“Europe is a continent of empty cradles. Within the national consultation, citizens can say whether they see Hungary’s future in Hungarian children, or in an exchange of Hungarian children for migrants,” said deputy minister for social affairs Katalin Novák. 

Among the possible measures are for example, the introduction of a zero tax for women who have three or more children, or a no-interest loan for young married couples up to 10 million forints.

The national consultation is, as always, supported by a massive campaigns in the media and billboards. The first national consultation was organized in 2016 under the slogan “Stop Brussels” followed by the campaign “Stop Soros” last year which was aimed at American billionaire George Soros who is, according to Orban, one of the key donors and supporters of illegal migration to Europe. The government collected almost 2.5 million questionnaires. They all spoke out against migration.

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