Babiš claims the truth is on his side

“I believe that the truth is on my side and am not going to resign despite the demonstrations,” Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said in an exclusive interview with Nova TV.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Babiš also commented on his visit to his son in Geneva, he said he explained to him what is going on. That some journalists are trying to tear them apart, he added. Babiš Jr.’s mother sent a video message to the TV in which she condemned the latest developments and asked the media to leave them alone.

According to Babiš the scandal triggered by a story of Seznam news, is fabricated. Regarding a controversial trip of his son to Crimea, Babiš explained it was in his best interest given his state of mind. Babiš Jr. wasn’t kidnapped, and it wasn’t an obstruction during the Stork’s Nest investigation, continued Babiš.

The PM regrets that people were demonstrating to convince him to resign, as he believes the truth is on his side. Babiš also didn’t forget to express gratitude to the President for his support. Zeman earlier this week stated he would still reappoint Babiš to form a government. Babiš now wants to ask Communist party leader Vojtěch Filip for an opportunity to speak in front of Communist MPs, because they are backing Babiš’s government.


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