Adamowicz’s widow may enter politics

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In “Newsweek’s” newest issue, Magdalena Adamowicz is interviewed by the magazine’s editor, Tomasz Lis. The text is titled “Everything About Paweł”.

“On the day of his death he called me really early. It was morning in Poland. He said: “I had a terrible night, nightmares.” He was very shaken,” one can read in the interview.

Robert Biedroń, a leader of a new opposition party, has even urged Magdalena Adamowicz to take part in the European Parliament elections from his list, so she can “continue Paweł Adamowicz’s work in the European Parliament.”

The announcement of the interview with Adamowicz has provoked controversy, as this is seen as a political move by many.

“A coffin celebrity. This brings the question: when will we have a “Dance with the Stars?” Because the “Dance with the Coffins” has been going on for very long…”

“The cover of Monday’s Newsweek. A widows is making a show. Pathetic.”

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