African migrant burns woman with scolding water in Germany: report

Woman severely injured in asylum home

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A female migrant victim had boiling hot water poured over her face following an argument with an African migrant in a home for asylum seekers in the German state of Brandenburg, according to a report from Brandenburg police.

The report states that police were called to the asylum home located in Zossen after security guards working there reported the incident to police.

Upon arrival, police learned that a 61-year-old Sudanese woman, who lived at the asylum residence, had an argument with a 31-year-old male from Chad in the asylum home’s shared kitchen.

Afterwards, the 31-year-old male suspect poured boiling water from a pot over the head and face of the woman, resulting in severe injuries.

She required immediate transport to a specialist clinic for treatment.

After the male suspect was interrogated by police, prosecutors ordered his release. Police are continuing their investigation into allegations of severe bodily harm and assault.

Violence inside asylum homes is nothing new in Germany, with Der Spiegel reporting as early as 2015 about the struggle for police to contain violence, which was particularly intense between migrant groups with different ethnicities and religions. The article also notes that sexual assaults targeting women and children were common.



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