Israeli ambassador: Poland is not an anti-Semitic country

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Israel’s ambassador to Poland believes that Poland is not an anti-Semitic country, saying that criticism of Israeli politicians was not an example of anti-Semitism, but repeated his previous criticism of MPs from the Confederation party for their past statements.

“To say that Poland is an anti-Semitic country is absolutely not true,” says Israel’s newly appointed ambassador to Warsaw, Alexander Ben Zvi, in an interview with commercial broadcaster Radio Zet.

When it comes to judging Poland’s level of anti-Semitism, the country “does not stand out” in comparison to other countries, said Ben Zvi.

“There are manifestations of anti-Semitism in Poland,” but he said they also “exist in other European countries.”

However, the ambassador repeated his previous charges of anti-Semitism against the far-right Confederation Party, which entered parliament last month with 7 percent of the vote. One of the central features of Confederation’s campaigning this year has been a promise to protect Poland from a recent US law on Jewish property restitution.