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Polish-Israeli relations back on track

Presidents Andrzej Duda and Isaac Herzog have agreed on restoring normal relations between the two countries following a phone call between the two leaders on Monday. They also agreed that bilateral relations between the two countries would be conducted going forward in a spirit of open and frank dialogue and an atmosphere of mutual respect.  […]
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Anti-Polish propaganda is being fed into the minds of Israeli youth, says Polish deputy FM

“This propaganda, also based on hatred towards Poland, is fed into the minds of young people from their earliest years of schooling. We will be paying close attention to this situation as we deal with all sorts of school trips from Israel to Poland,” said Poland’s deputy prime minister

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Kubera: Other V4 countries may join us and relocate to Jerusalem

A relocation of the Czech Embassy in Israel shouldn’t be rushed, it is wiser to wait for other states to join us, to talk them into it, other V4 countries may get on board, the Chief of Senate Jaroslav Kubera told the press after a meeting with the President and speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

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