Zeman in Israel: The European Union sometimes acts cowardly

During his official state visit to Israel, President Miloš Zeman became the first Czech politician ever to speak in the Israeli Parliament Knesset.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: info.cz

Zeman said he would do his best to make the third step happen after both the Czech Honorary Consulate and the Czech House opened in Jerusalem and reminded of his intention to have the Czech Embassy there as well.

The Czech President claimed solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people and condemned a recent appearance of “a Palestinian terrorist” in the European Parliament. “Sometimes, we as the EU are cowards and act with hesitation. We cannot betray Israel because it would mean we are betraying ourselves,” added Zeman.

Dozens of members of the Czech delegation together with Israeli journalists witnessed Zeman’s speech, and in the end, he received a standing ovation from the Knesset. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier thanked Zeman for his kind words on the occasion of 70 years of Israeli independence and called him a great leader who protects the truth.

During his visit, Zeman is set to inaugurate the Czech House in Jerusalem. It is supposed to mark a first step in the relocation process of the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital city.


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