A chance for a Polish-Israeli breakthrough: opinion

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The commemoration in Auschwitz was an opportunity for the Presidents of Poland and Israel to meet for the first time in two years; both nations should not waste this chance to improve relations.

Exactly two years ago, the Israeli ambassador loudly protested the Holocaust law passed by Polish parliament. Although the Polish Senate and the president had the opportunity to rise to the challenge, they obediently fulfilled political orders and hastily signed the law, which also provoked opposition from Poland’s most important ally, the United States.

A few months later the government pulled away from the most controversial laws and prime ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Benjamin Netanyahu signed the previously secretly negotiated historic declaration which was to remove all doubts.

The relations between our countries did not improve. After the cancellation of Morawiecki’s visit to Israel due to the scandalous anti-Polish speech of Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, a chill hung over the relations between the two governments.