Ziemkiewicz UK refused leave to enter UK Holocaust Rafał Ziemkiewicz refused entry UK Writer News Poland

Banned from Britain: Influential Polish conservative writer and journalist refused entry to UK due to ‘personal views’

On Saturday, Polish conservative writer and journalist Rafał Ziemkiewicz was detained by British services at Heathrow International Airport. Ziemkiewicz had landed in the UK while accompanying his daughter who was to start studies at Oxford University. Authorities permitted entry to Ziemkiewicz’s wife and daughter. After a few hours of investigation, the publicist was detained without […]
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Poland US Restitution law Andrzej Duda Holocaust Jakub Kumoch resititution law US US Congress News Poland

Polish presidential minister responds to US senators’ letter to president Duda concerning restitution law amendment

“President Duda’s possible signing of the bill will be guided by the highest interest of the Republic of Poland and its citizens in mind,” said Minister Jakub Kumoch

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Auschwitz History Holocaust Mateusz Morawiecki Poland Slovakia News

Morawiecki: Germans, not some Nazis committed The Holocaust

“The Holocaust wasn’t committed by some Nazis, but by Hitler’s Germany; the Third Reich is responsible for the Holocaust,” PM Mateusz Morawiecki said during a ceremony commemorating the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The PM criticized attempts to revise the truth and claimed Poland will always stand as a guardian of truth.

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