Poles outraged by Israeli Eurovision singer’s remarks on the Holocaust

Noa Kirel of Israel during the flag ceremony during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, England, Saturday, May 13, 2023. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Noa Kirel, who represented Israel at Eurovision Song Contest, sparked controversy by suggesting that Poles were responsible for the Holocaust during World War II. Upon learning that she received 12 points from the Polish jury, the singer stated, “To receive 12 points from Poland after almost the entire Kirel family was murdered in the Holocaust — that’s a true victory!”

Poland’s o2.pl news outlet details how terms such as “Polish death camps” are often widely used due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, or even deliberate malice. The publication now questions what reasons could be attributed to the Israeli singer’s statements.

The paper also discounts that the statements were a mistake stemming from heightened emotions, pointing out that in a subsequent interview, Noa added, “I feel like a winner. For me, receiving the highest points from Poland after what my family went through during the Holocaust was a true moment of triumph.”

Poles swiftly reacted to the remarks made by the Israeli singer. A popular Polish influencer Nadia Długosz responded to the singer on Instagram, leading to a heated discussion. Nadia argued that Poles were also victims of German aggression during World War II.

“Could you, please, stop spreading lies about ‘Polish death camps?’ Nadia asks. She then points out that camps were in Poland only because of the German occupation. She also suggests that Noa visit Yad Vashem to gain better knowledge and apologize to Polish grandparents who risked their lives to hide Jews.

Numerous Instagram users joined the discussion, including those from Poland. They emphasized the significance of choosing accurate language when describing events from World War II.

Many commenters highlighted that many Poles also perished in camps created by the Germans, while many also risked their lives to rescue Jews.

The ongoing discussion has already garnered dozens of comments, with more pouring in. As of now, the singer has not responded to Nadia’s comment.

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