Netanyahu’s son praises PM Orbán as leading conservative politician

Yair Netanyahu, former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's son at a Budapest conference. (XXI. SZázadi INtézet)
By Dénes Albert
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Yair Netanyahu, the son of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as one of the world’s most prominent conservative politicians.

In an article on Israeli news portal ICE, Netanyahu wrote that he hopes the reelection of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, after the victories of left-wing parties in the Western world, will mean the return of right-wing parties to power.

Netanyahu stated that Orbán is a true friend of Israel who has always supported Israel in the European forum, adding that the Hungarian prime minister is one of the world’s foremost conservative politicians, and the only Western leader besides Benjamin Netanyahu who “refuses to kneel and bow to global progress.”

He added that Viktor Orbán sees Israel as an inspiring example of a proud nation-state that refuses to relinquish its sovereignty, and there is no doubt that Viktor Orbán’s deep Christian identity and Benjamin’s relationship with Netanyahu also play a role in his sympathy for Israel.

In his article, the son of the former Israeli prime minister also referred to the antisemitic accusations against the Hungarian prime minister over George Soros, and in this connection he drew attention to the fact that confronting Soros is not antisemitism, but the opposite.

According to Netanyahu, Soros is one of the greatest enemies to the state of Israel and the Jewish people, as he is behind many processes of the disintegration of Israeli society.

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