Austria’s Freedom Party praises Hungarian family policies

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Hungary’s pro-family policies are inspiring, Michael Schnedlitz, secretary general of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), said in an interview with daily Magyar Hírlap. According to the politician, it is high time for European right-wing parties to come together.

Katalin Novák, minister without portfolio for families and vice-president of Fidesz, met last week in Budapest with Schnedlitz. After the meeting, Novák wrote in a Facebook post that “our goal is a strong, democratic European right”.

The meeting was primarily centered around family policies, and later the Hungarian measures were listed as an example to be followed in an article in the FPÖ’s Unzensuriert news portal, highlighting the lifelong income tax exemption of mothers with four children. It was emphasized that the Hungarian government is in favor of the traditional family image, as opposed to political correctness in Brussels.

Speaking to Magyar Hírlap, Schnedlitz expressed his satisfaction and called the meeting very inspiring.

“Protecting families also means preserving identity, the Hungarian measures are unique,” he emphasized. “I can only support the goal set by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to have more Hungarian children instead of more immigrants coming to the country.”

The politician also called the subsidies for large families “impressive”.

Answering a question whether his party would like to take part in the new, emerging European right-wing cooperation initiated by Orbán with Matteo Salvini, president of the Italian League and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Schnedlitz said Orbán, Salvini and Morawiecki are fascinating personalities who have a vision for Europe. Schnedlitz emphasized that with a strong right-wing-conservative coalition, Europe could return to its original values.

“The time of the European renaissance has indeed come, the health and economic emergency must be overcome. Christian traditions and national sovereignty must be at the forefront,” the politician stressed, adding that the FPÖ also has an interest in uniting patriotic parties. He said the task now is to rebuild Europe after the epidemic.

Title image: Michael Schnedlitz, Secretary General of the Austrian Freedom Party. (source: Facebook)

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