Babiš stresses the importance of Schengen and border protection

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Two days ago, PM Andrej Babiš lectured at the Paris Institute of Political Studies during a visit to France. He believes internal reform of the European bloc is important, along with a need for fewer directives and a return to the roots of European values.

Babis compared the EU to the Asterix village which has a strong defense, while there is freedom of movement inside. “Why is Greece in Schengen and Bulgaria not?” Babiš asked, adding that the single currency is not important to him because it is Schengen that really matters.

The EU, according to Babis, must focus on border protection and the fight against human smugglers. However, internal reform of the European Union is also important. “There is no need to have the same tax and social systems, on the contrary, the internal market is still limited, it does not work as it should,” the prime minister said.

Babiš ended his three-day French visit in Paris, where he attended a memorial ceremony on Sunday to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

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