Babis opposed to raising Frontex budget

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Committee member Jan Farský from STAN said that if Member States were to handle the issue of migration themselves, it would not be dealt with at the European level. However, Andrej Babis is therefore going to Warsaw on Monday, October 15th to find out how the target number for Frontex staff was established.

Among the topics discussed at the European Council, Babis also introduced Brexit, migration, internal security and the eurozone. He also announced that he will meet with Prime Minister May in London in late October and will hold a bilateral meeting with her.

Babis also stated that Turkey should receive another EUR 6 billion from the EU and CZK 552 million from the Czech budget, and believes that common money should be found for financing projects in Africa. He stressed that the key operation is focused in Sofia, which is a tool against refugee migrants between Italy and Libya. Babis does not like the current struggle against smugglers when Europe saves overloaded ships and brings them here. He wants an agreement with Libya to ensure that ships cannot even leave there in the first place. 

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