Bannon’s vision of Europe: A community of independent and sovereign states

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Europe should transform in a group of independent and sovereign nation states run by their citizens, who join together where it is convenient for them.

It is a counterpart to the globalists who advocate as much political and commercial integration as possible, and sometimes even want to create the United States of Europe. However, Bannon does not want the EU to disintegrate but it should work well for its citizens.

The V4 is one of the most important geopolitical groups of today. “I was excited that I could come to the Czech Republic and to Hungary. I was at several conferences and was convinced that Visegrad is a vital geopolitical unit,” Bannon said.

“These are states that maintain the core values within Europe,” Belgian People´s Party chairman Mischaël Modrikamen, who was also present at the interview, said. He also considers deeper EU integration to be the wrong direction. According to him, we have to go a few steps back and get rid of the democratic deficit that is wide today.

European values are the basis of the Jewish-Christian world for Bannon. Faith in the freedom of the individual, in the importance of family and responsibility. These are the pillars on which Europe grew from Athens, Jerusalem and Rome and which are the most important for Bannon´s movement.

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