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America sees Germany as its greatest European ally, not Central Europe

In current commentary about the American-German agreement concerning Nord Stream 2, there has not been a moment to more deeply reflect on the cause for Washington’s unconditional support for Berlin in Europe. Poles have a well-established view of America and its policies towards Europe due to the Cold War, and this view is less and […]
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Exclusive: Hungarians still feel the tragedy of WWI treaty till this day, but Central Europe isn’t listening to their concerns, says Polish documentary director

A Polish documentary filmmaker Mariusz Pilis spoke with Remix about his new project exploring the Trianon Treaty, which saw Hungary lose 71% of its territory at the end of WWI, a national tragedy that continues to affect Central Europe

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Orbán’s ideas on Russia could be dangerous to Poland

Grzegorz Górny sees Viktor Orbán’s idea for Western Europe to abandon its “primitive Russian policy” as dangerous to Poland. If Europe becomes divided into two groups – one cooperating and one struggling against Russia, the latter including Poland will be marginalized.

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