“The European master race still wants to colonize backward Eastern Europe,” warns Polish professor

Professor Andrzej Nowak, a historian at Jagiellonian University, analyzes the genesis of the megalomania of some Western states toward Poland and Europe in an article for the monthly WPIS

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Andrzej Nowak
via: Wpis

In today’s times, one cannot state that another culture, such as African or Asian, is worse or lesser. That is unacceptable, but not toward everyone. Colonial political culture can still be carried out within Europe itself.

One is allowed to say about Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians, Hungarians or Ukrainians that they are the “worst of Europe,” that they are primitive countries that can and should be directed by the natural representatives of the truly European “master race,” as only these latter are capable of leading.

This does not concern only Germans. This also refers to the “master race” from Belgium – the genocide masters from the Congo; the “master race” from Holland – the masters of Indonesia; the “master race” of France – the masters of over 10 million square kilometers of colonial empire (which is still somewhat maintained today). The “master race” from Italy who control Libya and are trying to conquer Ethiopia, or the obvious masters from Spain and so on.

Their former political mentality very strongly shapes their current imperial approach and imperial relations on the West-East European axis, the last region in which they can, with impunity, carry out their authoritarian dreams of control, education and enlightenment of the backward inhabitants of the European province.

Breaking with the bad traditions of a master race has been limited to Adolf Hitler and Nazism in German historic policy. Yet from the point of view of Poland and Germany’s other Eastern neighbors, it is important to underline that this tradition has much deeper roots. This concerns not only the genocide whose most horrible symbol is Auschwitz, but the tradition of systematic, brutal colonization and the imperial subjugation of all those who are seen as lesser and worse. All those seen as the sub-races of Slavs, Jews, Gypsies and other “Eastern barbarians.”

This is the aspect of German tradition, which we should remind them of for the good of Germany and Europe. For the good of Germany in the sense that, if we are reminded of the made-up, usually worst aspects of our own histories, then we have the same right to remind the Germans, French, Dutch, Belgians, chancellor Merkel, PM Rutte and PM Verhofstadt of this: “When have you faced up to your own tradition of genocide in your own country? When have you faced up to your tradition of a master race mentality?”

This is what I accuse these politicians of: that they themselves do not acknowledge their own master race mentality and the continuous desire to colonize other “lesser ones.” In the name of the tradition of freedom and independent nations, we should remind people that no one in a common Europe should be treated like a pupil, patient or backward “Easterner.” 

We have a duty to execute the right to freedom. This concerns not only freedom between specific social groups but above all else, the freedom between nations. This issue is imperative.

Title image: Prof. Andrzej Nowak, Polonia Christiana TV, YouTube print screen.



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