Prague has the highest cost of living in Central and Eastern Europe

The price of rent, food, and energy mainly contribute to the expensive life in Prague. (Pixabay)
By Karolina Klaskova
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Praguers have the highest cost of living across 50 monitored cities in Central and Eastern Europe, current data from the global database Numbeo has revealed.

Other Czech cities such as Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava finished in the top ten in the ranking of expensive life, whilst other nation’s capitals such as Bratislava, Warsaw, and Budapest also occupied top ten positions.

Numbeo regularly analyzes data across European cities, comparing statistics on the cost of living in Central and Eastern Europe based on rental prices, food, services, transport, and also the salaries of the local population.

Specifically, the price of rent, food, and energy mainly contributed to the expensive life in Prague. According to Numbeo, a three-room apartment in the center of the Czech capital costs an average of 31,655 korunas (€1,294) a month. It is a quarter less in suburbia, an average of 23,091 korunas (€944). On the other hand, Praguers have the highest average salary in the region. Net monthly wages reach almost 36,350 korunas (€1,486).

Bratislava occupied second place. Compared to Prague, the rent in the city center is 13.4 percent lower, and 11.4 percent outside the center. Residents of Bratislava also pay 10 percent less for energy than in the Czech capital.

Moscow came in fourth, followed by Košice and Warsaw. Budapest finished in eighth place, followed by Gdansk in tenth place. Dnipro in Ukraine is in the last place.

The ranking of rental prices differs somewhat to the general cost of living ranking. Kiev, Krakow, St. Petersburg, and Bucharest also appeared in the top ten with residents of smaller Bulgarian and Romanian cities enjoying the cheapest housing.

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