Polish President Duda: Central Europe has ceased to be a peripheral region

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In an article for the French news outlet L’Opinion, Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized that a decade of uncertainty due to the pandemic has just begun. He added that it is also a decade of opportunity for civilizational rebirth in order to create a world that is better, more just, more green and more compatible with the rules of balanced development.

“Central Europe has ceased to be a peripheral region between the West and East, between imperial powers. It has become a structure connected by manifold bonds, conscious of its interests and having an influence over European affairs. The emancipation of Central-Eastern Europe has been reached, we are an element of political and civilizational processes,” the president wrote.

The Polish head of state listed three key areas of Central European cooperation: the Visegrád Four, the Three Seas Initiative, and the B9 Group which consists of the NATO Eastern flank states of Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, and Bulgaria.

He also underlined that Central European membership in the EU and NATO is an important and solidified part of the European and Atlantic order. Duda stated that the region’s successes may also be an inspiration for other countries.