We assume the Biden administration will support the Three Seas, says former Polish foreign minister

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The former Foreign Minister and current Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Witold Waszczykowski pointed out that former President Donald Trump very strongly supported the Three Seas Initiative  as had the entire United States Congress.

“We assume that president Joe Biden will also cooperate with us,” emphasized Waszczykowski during the special press conference in city of Łodź in central Poland on the weekend. He noted that the US joined the Three Seas Fund which is meant to aid transport and communication programs in the region.

Waszczykowski also said that the Three Seas Ally Group was established recently in the European Parliament, which will help promote the initiative at a European level. 

“It has been PiS’s dream for many years to direct European integration onto two tracks — to place more attention towards our part of Europe. As John Paul II had said, ‘The EU should breathe with two lungs’. We demand that our lung, which joined the EU in 2004, be properly developed and integrated,” he said.

The former foreign minister believes that the goal of the Three Seas is to make Europe develop not only on an East-West axis, but also that Poland will cease to be merely a transit point on the route from Western Europe to Russia and China and connect the North with the South — from Scandinavia to Greece.