Beautiful symbol of Czech-Polish friendship after coronavirus splits border town in half

Polish and Czech citizens display gestures of friendship in the border town of Cieszyn/Český Těšín

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Paweł Pawlik

After coronavirus divided the town of Cieszyn on the Polish-Czech border, banners with the words “I miss you, Czechs” have appeared followed by a response from the Czech side of the town, which read, “And I miss you too, Pole”.

Now, users across social media are gushing over the symbol of friendship and hope in a time when Europe is closing its borders across the continent to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The action was first organized by the inhabitants of the Polish part of the town to express how the temporary border closure affects their everyday lives and family connections.

Czechs from Český Těšín responded with their own banners to show they also miss the Poles they share the town with.

Stefan Mańcka, one of the people behind the initiative, explained that many Poles who rent flats or are a part of Polish-Czech families are stranded on the Czech side of Cieszyn.

“The cultural life established on the border area has suddenly been met with a tremendous obstacle,” he said.


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