Coronavirus: Over 20,000 Poles safely return home via LOT charter flights

More than 20,000 Poles have already safely returned home through the government and LOT’s “Flight Back Home” program

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: PR24

Thousands of Poles are being flown home from across the world thanks to a program set up by the Polish government and LOT, Poland’s largest airline company.

The spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Monika Szatyńska-Luft, stated that LOT Polish Airlines has brought home 23,535 passengers back to Poland under the “Flight Back Home” program by March 20.

“This is an unprecedented operation, which features a scale that is massive,” she emphasized, adding that 150 return operations had been conducted so far.

The spokeswoman explained that Poles have returned from every continent and dozens of countries including, other EU member states, the United States, and African and Asian countries.

Szatyńska-Luft pointed out that for a foreign city to become part of a program, there must be an appropriate level of demand from Poles located there.


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