A bit of Poland on Mars

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InSight landed on Mars on Monday and has begun its two-year mission as the world’s first space craft meant to investigate the inside of another planet. It will help scientists understand the history of the creation of rocky planets. 

The probe’s successful landing was confirmed by signals from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) miniature satellites sent alongside InSight.

The Kret HP3 (Kret means ‘mole’ in Polish) is a sophisticated Polish-built penetrator which will drill itself five meters under the surface and reveal just how much heat is flowing out of the interior of the planet. 


A part of The Kret HP3, Astronika.pl

Designed and built by Warsaw-based space company Astronika, the ‘mole’ will journey deeper into Mars than any instrument ever built for space exploration.

“Our participation in the InSight mission has confirmed that Astronika is in the top league of producers of technologically advanced mechanisms for planetary missions. I’m proud that on the occasion of Poland’s 100 years of independence anniversary, thanks to us a small Polish flag has landed on Mars,” Bartosz Kędziora of Astronika said. 

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