BMW factory in Hungary means opportunities for Slovakia

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The new investment will create opportunities for Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian vendors, according to analyst Martin Jesný , and will test the competitiveness of companies in eastern Slovakia. Efficiency, price and quality will play a role in choosing the right vendors.

BMW will be the third German car company with operations in Hungary and will include focus on electric cars, which strengthens the country’s position in the car manufacturing industry in the long run. Slovak car factories, unlike the Hungarian plants, are focusing on more traditional automobiles. The industrial park in Haniska, prepared and offered by Slovakia to BMW, is fundamentally similar to the industrial location in Debrecen selected by Hungary and the German car company. The Slovak alternative is also located in the eastern part of the country where wages are relatively low and potential workforce is still available. Romanian and Ukrainian workforce could also be used. The Slovak location is still attractive to other companies and could attract potential investors in the future.

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