Hungary will effectively close borders from Sep. 1 due to COVID-19 fears

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As of Sept. 1, foreign nationals can only enter Hungary “with a good reason”, which means that the country is effectively closing its borders, Cabinet Minister Gergely Gulyás announced after Friday’s government meeting.

“As of Sept. 1, foreign nationals can only enter Hungary with a good reason while Hungarian nationals returning home must enter a 14-day quarantine, or show two consecutive negative [coronavirus] tests made within 48 hours,” Gulyás said. “The second wave has begun and across Europe fresh cases are reaching levels seen in March. The number of infections is growing everywhere, including Hungary.”

Gulyás, who himself was previously in quarantine after having had met another government official who tested positive, was given quarantine dispensation by the country’s Chief Medical Officer after two consecutive negative tests which he had performed at his own expense.

Gulyás also said that Hungary will continue to ensure the transit of foreign nationals and allow the entry of diplomats, but rules on sporting events will also be tightened. He did not specify, however, what would constitute a good reason for foreigners to be permitted entry.

According to the latest data, Hungary had 97 new infections on Thursday, a number only exceeded during seven days in the first peak in April and the trend show was still rising. 

Title image: Government spokeswoman Alexandra Király and cabinet minister Gergeyl Gulyás after Friday’s cabinet meeting.

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