Bremen theater to premiere comedy of Merkel-era

The Shakespeare Company of the northwest German city-state of Bremen will premiere in February a comedy on the reign of Chancellor Angela Merkel, German news portal Weser Kurier reports.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The comedy will be entitled Angela I – War of the German Roses. A spokesperson for the company said author Katja Hensel is about to finish the text of the play which will be about “a Chancellor who has been single-handedly ruling over her kingdom without an apparent alternative for what feels like an eternity.”

The comedy will be both a portrayal of the Merkel-era and a critical look at the German political system. It is set in a Germany in “the autumn of democracy” and will take a look at whether Angela I was the reason or the consequence of Germans’ tiredness of democracy and the decline of political culture in the country.

The play will be directed by Stefan Otteni and rehearsals will start shortly, the company said.

Title image: Angela Merkel at a theater performance in Buenos Aires.


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