Island for unwanted migrants

Unwanted migrants in Denmark, who have committed a crime or who have not been permitted asylum will be deported to an isolated island. These people are unwanted in Denmark and they will feel that, says the Danish Minister for Immigration.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Danes have had enough of illegal immigrants entering their country. This is why they are trying to give the arrivals a clear signal – if you’re not a real refugee, but simply economic migrants, avoid our country. 

The Centre-Right government has come to an agreement with the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DP), which foresees the deportation of foreigners who have been sentenced, have not received asylum permits or who cannot be sent back to their home country. 

17 acres big

These immigrants will be transported to the island of Lindholm in the Baltic Sea. The island’s area is only 17 acres and is at least 3km away from the closest coast.

The Danish Minister for Immigration Inger Stojberg has explained that such people are unwanted in Denmark and will feel that.

The authorities do not foresee any luxuries for them, which could encourage migration to the country. The migrants will have to be in attendance in the center on the island each day. If they do not, they may be persecuted and incarcerated.


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