British Army apologizes after its social media was hacked and used to promote cryptocurrencies and NFTs

By Thomas Brooke
2 Min Read

The British Army has apologized after control of its social media platforms was compromised on Sunday, resulting in the account posting promotional content for NFTs and cryptocurrencies and tweeting photos of billionaire Elon Musk.

Its account name was even changed to Bapesclan, and its profile picture switched to a cartoon picture of an ape in clown-like make-up.

The account also published tweets which claimed that United Kingdom was going to attack Pakistan.

The Army’s YouTube account was renamed Ark Invest, and multiple videos of Tesla CEO Elon Musk were uploaded discussing the prospects of the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

An Army spokesperson said they were aware “of a breach of the Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts” and confirmed that “an investigation is under way.”

The British Army Twitter account appeared to have been secured late on Sunday, tweeting shortly after 9 p.m., “Apologies for the temporary interruption to our feed. We will conduct a full investigation and learn from this incident. Thanks for following us and normal service will now resume.”

A statement from the Ministry of Defence press office confirmed the situation had been resolved, adding “the Army takes information security extremely seriously and until their investigation is complete it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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