Brussels wants to speed up the inflow of illegal migrants

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Both the Sargentini Report and the proposed changes in the EU’s migration policies show increasing pressure from pro-migration forces, Hungarian State Minister for EU Affairs Judit Varga told Magyar Hírlap in an interview.

Varga said earlier this year that Sargentini stressed in an interview that it was an illusion to think that EU member states are sovereign and the Union cannot interfere in what are perceived by people as internal affairs.

“This statement (of Sargentini) clearly shows that the report is political blackmail, aimed at depriving Hungary of its sovereignty and to exert pressure on its migration policy,” Varga said

It is clear that the report was not aimed at the government, as they claim, but at Hungary, punishing its people for refusing to become a migrant country. Moreover, they had to cheat their own rules to pass the report. But ever since Roman law it is well known that lawlessness cannot result in law.

The EU is pressuring Hungary to change its migration policy and they have it on the agenda to take border control away from us if they cannot force this on us in another way. They want us to accept a pro-migration policy but we are having none of it.

At last week’s informal EU summit in Salzburg the Hungarian Prime Minister has clearly said that Hungary has already proven the ability to defend its own borders and those of the Union.

We must remain vigilant and we still have many battles ahead of us. Pro-migration forces will not abandon their plans and should they achieve a majority at the coming EP elections, they will accelerate the flooding of Europe with illegal migrants.

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