Catholic bishop: I fear political Islam

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Neymeyr pointed out that the issue of immigration is very visible in Germany, and the church is emphasizing the fact that the immigrants are also ordinary people who need help. “After this, we determine why they came and what can we do for them to remain in the country of their birth, where they belong. Germany can’t integrate everyone,” the Bishop of Erfurt pointed out.

Neymeyr believes that Germany cannot integrate the wave of immigrants and it is not possible to accept more newcomers. The issue of immigration is causing conflicts, dividing families and friendships. The principle differences between religions represent a real problem, as an example the Jewish community in Erfurt fears Muslim immigrants and German nationalists as well.

The bishop sees Muslims as a community with different views. Some of them have no problem accepting the equality of women, others see the issue as a religious topic. “Islam has very traditional forms, the education of women is not being considered a priority. Islam has to evolve similarly to the Catholic Church,” said Neymeyr.

The catholic leader fears political Islam. He believes that while the Catholics and Protestants had to learn the differences between the church and state, most Muslim states are 200 years backwards in this development.

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